The NAID 2018 Conference Committee is excited to announce the Keynote Speaker for this year’s event. This business person will speak valuable insights into your business and you definitely won’t want to miss it!


Jon Taffer


While his background is in hospitality, his science of business success can be applied to any industry, including secure data destruction. NAID welcomes Taffer as the keynote speaker for the NAID 2018 Conference & Expo.

Jon Taffer, world-renowned business consultant and the Executive Producer and Host, of SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue understands failure better than anyone. After 145+ episodes of his hit TV show, he has seen every excuse and every cause of business failure there is today. Let him share with you what causes business failures and how to recognize it and own it before it plummets your life and business into financial disaster. Don’t miss this enlightening experience.

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