Shred School has been presented to sold out audience in the United States, Canada and Europe. Now, for one time only, Shred School is coming to Australia. Shredding and IT Disposal companies that are serious about success must take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity.

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Wednesday, 13 September

This session outlines the historic landscape of information destruction and the top mistakes to avoid in the industry. Attendees will leave this session with a thorough understanding of the interrelationships between the factors and players that influence the secure destruction world and the potential pitfalls for industry veterans and newcomers.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson will provide an overview of the Australian and New Zealand data protection regulations, with specific and detailed emphasis on those areas significant to electronic and hard copy information disposal. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of the history, status and impact of these regulations on both service provider and client compliance.

On the heels of the previous discussion on regional data protection regulations, this session will apply the relevant compliance implications to real life sales situation, focusing primarily on how they can be used to increase sales, as well as move the client focus from pricing to vendor qualifications.

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Sales growth can be dramatically enhanced by implementing a systematic process that includes identifying the right type of customer, the right decision maker, the frequency and nature of various outreach strategies, and the program for ongoing contact. While not fool proof, by implementing a systematic approach, the sales process is honed down to a set of basic steps that makes adding profitable clients a predictable and repeatable process.

Shred School is just the first step in professional development. The world of data destruction is evolving quickly. The knowledge gained and the tools provided in Shred School give an excellent foundation but true success can only be realized by becoming a student of the industry. This session will discuss how attendees can continue their professional development and introduce Shred School’s advanced educational forum.

When NAID CEO Bob Johnson started his first information destruction service, data security was an afterthought, there were no privacy regulations and very few customers had any idea that secure destruction could be outsourced. As a result, Johnson and others at the time developed some creative ways of attracting clients, many of which are still applicable and relevant in markets were the market for such services is not yet fully developed.

Generating and converting leads generated from a webpage has become a critical element of success for secure destruction companies. For many service providers it is their primary source of new business. In this session, attendees will learn how to use search engine optimization, Adwords, social media, LinkedIn and a brought range of online tools to channel customers who are ready to buy to your business

Thursday, 14 September

The second day of Shred School begins with a session designed to familiarizes attendees with the all the emerging issues and opportunities to provide electronic media destruction. The session includes an overview of the world of electronic media destruction as well as terminology and concepts. The session will also outline a number of successful business models, destruction methods and the keys to successful partnerships with other service providers.

There’s usually only one person who can say “yes” to a destruction service. Unfortunately, too many sales people aren’t talking to that person. This session focuses on tried and true methods for bypassing those cannot (or will not) say yes, and get straight to the person who not only has the power, but also the acumen to understand the value of secure destruction.

As the demand for secure destruction he key to maximum profits is increasingly dependent on efficient routes. In fact, route density is the key to maximum use of collection capacity, price competition, and market growth. In this session, an industry veteran will explain how to succeed by a disciplined and harmonized approach to sales, marketing and operations all of which is aimed at creating dense pockets of profitable business.

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Every day sales professionals experience rejection. Whether it is rejection from unqualified leads or qualified prospects, it is part of the job. However, there are things he/she can do to ensure it happens less, one of which is creating and submitting a sales proposal to the right prospect at the right time. In this session, attendees will learn what to include and not include in a proposal and who should receive one to increase their chances of success.

Under the emerging increase in data protection and breach notification regulations, service contracts play in important role in assuring vendor compliance, vendor selection due diligence, and in protecting both service providers and clients from the misdeeds of the other.  Under these conditions, a service provider with an understanding of these issues and the capability to speak intelligently about them has a very big advantage.

History has proven that when the consequences for data breaches increase, clients pay a lot more attention to their service provider’s professional liability coverage. Off-the-shelf professional liability insurance policies usually have fatal exclusions which render them useless if called upon to protect data security service providers or the customers they serve. Even newer professional liability policies specifically created to cover breach notification expense, and claims resulting from cyber-security and privacy issues are designed for the covered entity, ignoring the subtle difference in service provider exposures.  In this session, attendees will learn how they best protect themselves, their clients and increase sales in the process.

Session names, descriptions, speakers and/or panelists are subject to change.